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Congress Candidate

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1Congress Candidate Empty Congress Candidate Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:01 pm


I am running again for congress! if elected this will be my 3rd term in congress for the IPC. Last 2 terms I have presented myself well to other congressmen and the country of eCanada also worked well with everyone I got to talk to. I am active in discussions with the IPC, the eCanada forums and eRepublik itself. I post in congress as what I think our party the IPC would post, say or vote for. While I was in congress I was still getting to know about the game and the politicial mechanics of the game, if I get elected again I would like to go further and try to reach out to other countries and see what I can to to help improve eCanada as much as I am able to! I am willing to get tasks that i'm assigned to!

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