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Mann551 for Congress, Jan-Feb term

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1Mann551 for Congress, Jan-Feb term Empty Mann551 for Congress, Jan-Feb term on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:39 pm


I would like to state my desire to run again for congress under the Imperial Party of Canada banner. If selected to be a part of congress again, I promise to continue to uphold the IPC name, and be constantly active, and willing to participate.

I do not want to touch the taxes in the upcoming month, as they seem fine right now, and the budget was just passed in congress.

Now that we have an alliance, I will be looking only to keep the MPP's that we have currently.

Basically, my hopes for congress this term are to just keep things as they are, there is absolutely no need for a change at this time.

Coasting, as I like to say.

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