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Direct Government Investment and/or Nationalization?

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Zachary Smaxi

Zachary Smaxi
So, I've been wondering and thought up an idea. What would your views be on a Federal Initiative to vamp up the economy through Direct Government Investment and/or Nationalization of some current businesses. I call it: NOCTING (Nationally-Owned Corporation Through Investments by the National Government).

It consists of several phases:

P1: Create Company through National Income
P2: Place "Puppet" Manager in charge of Operations.
P3: Use spare funds from company to increase National Revenue.
P4: If Corporations falls, fire puppet and replace or sell business, unless bailout is more effective. If succeeds, upgrade to ensure larger marginal profits.

Second option is Nationalization: Which would consist of buying or forcibly taking businesses from foreign or local owners.

Reasons for Nationalization could range from Eminent Domain to Mismanagement of Large Corporation.

One more idea: Bonds. I'm currently in Accounting so I could help out a lot.


Great Idea, There should be a Hierarchy involved in this, Eg. Minster of____, Regional Directors, maybe with some upper middle management below them, then the individual puppet corporations. I had an idea similar to this a few days ago to give grants to long time Canadian citizens.


The biggest problem I see for Nocting is that the companies would be made in a single citizens companies, so we would never get past phase 1, because of the new government coming in all the time. As for Nationalization, how would the government be able to forcibly take anything from any citizen? Bonds on the other hand, I believe are completely possible, and have been done in the past.


how do bonds work in this game?


i'm not sure if i like this idea, it seems like it would be taking away the free market



Bonds would not take away from free market, as you would only put into it if you would like to.

To define a bond:
It is where a person donates money to the government officially, so someone in government would have to know about it. Then the money would be used to help the government pay for things temporarily, meanwhile, they will repay the money back to you, mostly likely with interest.

Mason Grey

The problem I see with your first suggestion is the threat of theft. You will have to have a very trustworthy person to do so. And the profit of margin isn't that high if you consider it because you will only really get a profit if you get a Q6 or Q7 factory, below won't give you much profit. It would work if it was a slave pit but what would be the incentive for people to work in the pits.

Bonds however, I believe this happened before, around 2 or more years ago when Addy was still very active. It went well for a while, I believe. But it was stopped as profit was slow.

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