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IPC Code of Conduct

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1IPC Code of Conduct  Empty IPC Code of Conduct on Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:44 am


1. Rule: There will be no racism, sexism, etc by any player!
Exception: None.

2. Rule: You must be encouraging, no put downs!
Exception: If target is making a stupid decision, feel free to warn them about the likely consequences, but nobody can force them to stop but the elected judges.

3. Rule: No whining!
Exception: If you are in a legit "worst-case situation" you can report it up to 3 times to a judge, no more!

4. Rule: Stay active!
Exception: Vacation, otherwise we don’t like having large amounts of inactive people, that makes it look like we have multis and never use them... and that we might ask you a question and you won’t answer.

5. Rule: No hacking/stealing!
Exception: None, it’s illegal in RL it’s not allowed here!

6. Rule: Don’t ask useless questions to get attention!
Exception: You can ask useful questions

7. Rule: Keep private chats off the forums
Exception: None because we don’t want a forum full of spam that nobody cares about but you...

8. Rule: No advertising
Exception: Only advertise In-Party things

9. Rule: Be mature
Exception: If you’re 9 years old, you gotta have fun, so go ahead, just not too much nonsense...

10. Rule: HAVE FUN!
Exception: If you’re the grinch, no fun for you!

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